Unisto is listed as manufacturer of certified tachograph seals according to the standard EN 16882

Security of the mechanical seals used on tachographs

The European standard EN 16882 applies to the category of road vehicles providing technical specifications for mechanical seals in order to improve the security of tachograph systems.

From 2019 the workshop managers and truck manufacturers must purchase the tachograph seals only from a seal manufacturer designated as authorised on the European Commission's website.
We are proud to announce that Unisto has been listed as certified tachograph seal manufacturer. Following this authorisation we have received the code UN which identifies our certified tachograph seals.

In the norm are specified the requirements and technical qualifications that the security seal must comply, as material quality and durability. Since the seal must be replaced every two years it must be sufficiently durable, strong and reliable (in accordance to specific parameters underlined in the norm) to prevent damage caused by normal use, like environmental conditions, chemical reactions and vibrations of the road vehicles.

Other aspects dealt in the European norm are the test procedures which have to be run in order to verify the tachograph seal’s technical specifications. After-sealing aspects are also included in the standard as for example the traceability of the sale: the seal manufacturer must keep complete records of the sale and submit them to the authorities on request.

Unisto has been authorised by the European Commission to sell its tachograph seal as it complies with all the technical requirements and the procedures as manufacturer and supplier underlined in the norm. Moreover Unisto fulfils the requirements of the standard EN 16882-2017- Annex C. as confirmed by SQS (Swiss Accreditation for Quality and Management Systems).

Confirmation EN 16882-2017 Annex C

We are looking forward to providing you with further information.

In collaboration with Unitak.