Good partnerships require trust and confidence. We aim to create values to be aware of our responsibility towards our stakeholders. To underline our efforts in these areas, we recently collaborated with Ecovadis and were proudly awarded the silver medal. 



Social criteria, ethics and environmental sustainability are pillars of our corporate and procurement culture.

We are proud of the renewed Ecovadis certification for our headquarters in Switzerland and look forward to continuing to build relationships with people who share our values.

Values that our network in Asia also shares and has been demonstrating for years with ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 certificates, SA8000 and Code of Conduct. Our corporate social responsibility is also independently and transparently confirmed by regular audits of our major customers.

Our products are made from sustainable materials such as metal and plastic recyclates, bio-plastics, paper and wood in FSC quality and produced on modern production lines. 

Worldwide use is ensured by export and import conformity through declaration of REACH, Proposition 65, Lacey Act, TSCA/CARB and CE/UL/CCC. 

Last but not least, the FSC cardboard packaging is fed into the local recycling system and closes the circle of sustainability.